2.8. 2023 | UAZ

By cooperation with AMC company and czech designer Rostislav Prokop was created breakthrough set of renders which shows iconic Bukhanka (UAZ 2206) in possible second generation solution. Modern concepcion include present constructional trends and referneces to original solution.

In the year 2018 Russian Bukhanka celebrated sixtieth anniversary. On this occasion was created version UAZ 2206 Jubilee which should be produced only for one year. However due to high interest of Europeans is this model in production to this day. How would vehicle looks in second generation? This is suggested by 3D design from workshop of czech designer Rostislav Prokop.

The car is completly redesigned but still have It's own original shapes like a: layout of axles, wheelbase and iconic extended roof at the front. Chassis is completly remaked and uses independent suspensionwith classic differentials in massive covers. This is a big change against to original solid axles.

Front part refers to original model with circle lights and LED side turn signals. Vehicle boasts by upper design grille and shaped lower mask with bars. Preserved also stays valve of shock air supply like in original Bukhanka.

Plastic bumpers and fenders give the impression of speed and side moldings support the car's aerodynamics. The design also includes durable light metal steps. 

On sides you can still find pit of door hinges, thin door handles and vertical rear view mirrors. Against first generation have the second one two side doors. Present solution of model have only one side door.

Steel off-road rims with massive off-road tires BF Goodrich which are used by manufacturer on limited expedition series UAZ Patriot, UAZ Hunter or UAZ 3909.

New Bukhanka's look have integrated roof carrier which at the same time fulfill function of roof storage space. On sides are longitudinal carriers. For sufficient surroundings lightning of vehicle take care additional roof headlights.

Remaked is also rear part where the most prominent part is LED lights in shape of letter L. Third brake light is LED too and placed on top of roof carrier.  

Vehicle still hold on classic bodywork conception, however now it offer three seats in front, three seats in opposite direction line and three seats in another line. Total we are talking about nine places to seat, which is maximum of seats in present sold model UAZ 2206.  

Project of AMC Group and designer Rostislav Prokop show credible look of possible second generation of legendary Bukhanka which will probably not arise. Car factory UAZ is now focus to improvement of present portfolio, which do not have any competition in the today. 

Vehicles of brand UAZ is possible to buy in autorized site UAZ AMC, you can choose between several model classes include UAZ Patriot, UAZ Pickup, UAZ Profi, UAZ 2206, UAZ 3909, UAZ Hunter and more. All information you can find on web