UAZ Pickup with automatic transmission
20.3. 2020 | UAZ

Model class UAZ Pickup is now introduce with automatic trnsmission Punch Powerglide 6L50. Gearbox is constructed for maximal output 320HP and torque 450Nm. UAZ Pickup with engine 2,7ccm, output 150HP and torque 235Nm will fit safely with It's parameters. Manufacturer of gearbox indicates 9,6 litres oil fill of type Dexron VI for life only with regular filter change. Due to automatic transmission has to go through little changes even engine ZMZ PRO.

Automatic transmissions of type Punch 6L50 has been created since 2006 over 2 million pieces. These automatics ensure shifting in older German models of BMW class 3 and X3, Canadian version of Chevrolet Camaro, north-america specification of vehicle Cadillac CTS, Australian sport Holden Commodore SS V and in pick-up Chevrolet Colorado for Thai market.