UAZ Profi tipper, container
18.7. 2019 | UAZ

Novelty between utility vehicles is named UAZ Profi and in standard can be buy in versions: chassis, box superstructure or steel flatbed. AMC company for customers needs developed and homologated two new versions of model Profi. Version tipper truck and carrier of container superstructure.

New variation will extend possibilities of your business. Therefore we still inovate vehicles you can expect more modifications of model UAZ Profi. Vehicle is offered with engine ZMZ Pro with output 150 HP or alternative engine ZMZ Pro LPG which is modificated for liquefied petroleum gas drive. Model Profi LPG is best choice for economical use. Vehicle can be delivered in version: rear wheel drive or mannually connectable 4x4 drive.

Between body variants you will find singlecab or singlecab with wide rear view mirros and platform. If you need five seats, the best chioce is doublecab wchich is offered like a chassis or steel flatbed. Have to be say that every flatbed is delivered with removable canvas and under canvas construction. UAZ Profi is possible to equip electronically operate rear differential lock.