Lada ends in EU, but we not
6.6. 2019 | LADA

Avtovaz manufacturer ends sells in Europe because of emission standards. All dealers who invested high amounts of money to their modern autosalons are groping. Due to possible anual after sales of brand will be possible to buy LADA in official distribution site even in the year 2020. After you will be only able to buy vehicles after first registration in that country.

Our company have for customers and dealers good news. We succesfully modified and measure amount of emission of first LADA vehicles and we can offer you these popular cars. We can help, If you fail with registration of the vehicle by COC document. We want to assure all our customers and partners that LADA's sales in Europe continue.

New emission standards also fulfills aou vehicles UAZ AMC which are homologated in N1G category or SG category. Sell of these vehicles continue without chnages.