UAZ Pariot in new
4.1. 2019 | UAZ

Model class 2019 will bring big changes under hood. There is new engine from ZMZ workshop. Proven 16-valve with multiple injecton was in an utility vehicle UAZ Profi, but now is also in off-road UAZ Patriot. This engine offer output 150HP while 5 000 RPM and torque 235Nm while 2 650 RPM. Changed was also steering system where was added vibration absorber. New is also front solid axle from UAZ Profi. On car is new types of cast wheels.

Inside are four hold handles, redesigned shifting lever of 5-speed manual transmission and new multimedia system with operation system Andriod and possibility of internet connect and mobile phone mirroring.

After modifications was preserved light height 210 milimeters, approach angle 35 degrees and angle of inclination 30 degrees. Vehicle is suitable to equip with electronically controlled rear differential lock, preheat of engine with function of an independent heating, additional ventilator for rear passengers and two new colours (green and blue).