16.6. 2018 | GAZ

New model GAZ GAZelle NEXT is possible to have in version which is equipped with LPG from manufacturer. Thanks to that is does not have to buy expensive diesel vehicles. With LPG in Czech Republic you will save on road tax.

Vehicles of class next are characterized by modern body and modern interior with practical storage spaces and excellent ergonomics. Efficiently engines with long lifespan provide vehicles good riding abillities. In case of vehicles type flatbed is possible to choose from short or long solution of cargo space. Solution A21R32 in three seat version with long flatbed ensure transport of bulky cargo in demanding conditions. Vehicles can be delivered with rear differential lock.

New generation of petrol engines UMZ EvoTech in solution A274 offer for vehicles GAZelle optimal price performance ratio. Engines have modernized construction with long lifespan and high reliability with simple service. With this engine have vehicle GAZelle excellent driving abillities and provides high driving comfort.