Buchanka is expanding in Europe
16.11. 2017 | UAZ

This Russian off-road vehicle UAZ VAN have begun to be increasingly popular across the whole Europe. We noticed significant increase in the market of Germany and also in Belgium and Netherlands. We offer UAZ VAN in several modifications, including nine-seater bus or seven-seater cross-country vehicle.

UAZ VAN has two gearboxes: The main five-speed transmission fully synchronized and manually operated, plus the additional two-speed reduction gearbox, that is shifted mechanically by a lever from driver´s seat.  In the interior there is also another lever for manual connection of the front axle drive. This whole conception is very simple and will ensure long service life and reliability of the whole system.

You can improve the high variability of your Buchanka with a wide range of retrofitted accessories. You can turn it into an expedition special with maximum terrain pass ability or to a comfortable leisure caravan. You can find the necessary equipment for work use in our offer, but also comfortable elements such as air conditioning, car radio or heated seats.

Another advantage is the minimal use of electronics, simple construction that emphasize reliability and low maintenance costs.