UAZ Hunter Jungle Edition
1.9. 2017 | UAZ

AMC is proud to present UAZ Hunter Jungle edition which has been created for the toughest terrain. This robust vehicle with connectable 4WD passed extreme tests in all terrain and climatic conditions including driving on ice, mud and mountain roads full of holes and stones. Iconic UAZ 469, predecessor of UAZ Hunter took part in legendary rescue expedition to the highest European mountain – Elbrus.

Many vehicles were constructed for off-road driving, but only few people can really use and appreciate Jungle Edition advantages, which help you during travelling both in desert and jungle. This vehicle is predestined for real off-road freaks and adventure expeditions lovers. If you want to belong among lucky UAZ Hunter Jungle Edition owners, do not hesitate to contact us. The vehicle has following above standard accessory:

v   Expedition rack

v   Wading set

v   Steering suspension

v   Front reinforced bumper

v   Winch

v   Reinforced rear leaf suspension

v   Reinforced free wheeling hubs on front wheels

v   Protective doorsill frames

v   Wing widenings

v   Reinforced front spring suspension

v   M /T Tyres

v   Body lift and  increased ride height

v   Reinforced homokinetic joint

v   Reinforced shock absorbers

v   Elevated air intake

v   Jungle Edition emblem