UAZ Profi 2017 - Revealed
19.6. 2017 | UAZ

There is a new design of the vehicle front with halogen lights. Plastic grille mask is aligned with black front bumper and wing borderings. There is proved ZMZ 2.7 litre engine with output of 136 HP, but we can soon expect a new engine promising an output of 150 HP. The vehicle payload is going to be 1500 kg and total weight 3500 kg. For the first time there is going to be back wheel drive 4x2 only or traditional connectable 4x4 drive. Singlecab version loading space is 3089 x 1870 mm. So you can load four Euro pallets and the total volume is 9.24 cubic meters. Doublecab version secures transporting cargo and more passengers, it has 5 or 6 seats. Double cab size is 5850 x 2315 x 2005 mm, single cab is by 90 mm longer. Rear flatbed size is 2350 x 1870 mm with volume of 7 cubic meters and it secures transportation of three Euro pallets. The vehicle can be ordered also in LPG or CNG modification.