Lada Niva the City Car
13.10. 2015 | LADA

The classic Lada Niva is a great off-road vehicle which, thanks to the compact size can pass in passes in a rough forest terrain. But it is often necessary to drive a car well in common traffic, that´s why the automaker Lada, on customer request, launched a new version of Niva. Urban Model is designed for the urban traffic, so the equipment includes air conditioning, power mirrors, power front side windows and some versions have in addition heated seats.

Emphasis was also put on the appearance of the car. The more modern design car was remodeled from the car, which was predestined to labour, by the exchange of the bumpers and the grille. The interior attracts you by the new comfortable seats, at the back of the car you will find also ISOFIX. Of course, there are lights for driving in the daytime, which are smartly embedded in the front grill next to the turn indicators. The attractive appearance of the car also enhanced by the 16“alloy wheels.

The Lada Niva Urban, which certainly delight every new owner, is also available in our company, so don't hesitate to contact us.