Exclusive Photos of UAZ Patriot 2017
26.8. 2016 | UAZ

Now you can take a look what changes the model range UAZ Patriot, Pickup, Cargo will bring. These photos confirm the information which we have already brought you earlier in the article: “New UAZ Patriot and Pickup from September”. A very significant element is a completely new front grille with chrome decor and the enlarged logo of UAZ maker. The change of the fuel tank system was also confirmed, so new models will have only one fuel tank, with fuel filler neck located on the right side of the car. Within a better handling will be added the ESP system and Descent Control System. Now there will be possible to have directly from the production a locking rear differential.

The interior has undergone a complete revolution, and especially of fitting one or two air bags in vehicles, which has been already included in basic model. The steering wheel, the control levers, the centre console, the gear lever and the handbrake have been also remade. The dashboard shows the indicators that tell more about the expected equipment. The front parking sensors, the cruise control and the white screen back light of the on-board computer, that is all you can look forward to.

Apart from the small decorative chrome elements, the heated steering wheel adjustable in four directions, and the leather seats, there will be fitted the double door seals which reduce aerodynamic noise in the interior by 6-8 dB. More information and a full description can be found in our catalogue.