Lada Vesta EV and CNG
4.8. 2016 | LADA

The flagship brand Lada started to fight in a sector of alternative drives with two other trumps. The first is the Lada Vesta, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), the second is the electric drive. The electric motor of 60 kW receives power from the 25 kWh batteries that guarantee 150 km tank range on long routes and 200 km in city traffic. Its top speed is 140 km/h and it accelerates from 0 to 60 in 15.5 seconds. If is enough orders, as AvtoVAZ has promised, the small-scale production will be launched. Certainly it is not the first electric car brand Lada, 100 pieces of Lada Ellada were produced in 2013, which was actually Lada Kalina in version of Combi.