Lada 4x4 Lynx
18.7. 2016 | LADA

The presented novelty from the designer of Lada has its basis in a traditional Niva 4x4, from which the Cargo variant is derived, but it has received an enhanced engine and other improvements in off-road conditions. Besides a desert camouflaged paint and longitudinal roof racks, a dust-proof body was added instead of a classic flatbed. A ride height was increased by 40 mm by installing reinforced springs, absorbers and alloy wheels with M/T tires. In a basic model you will also find a limited slip differential on every axle, and a ventilation combined with an increased intake allows higher wading. Note a tow bar an auxiliary brake lights, reversing lights and rear fog lamps.

The interior is decorated with a steering wheel of Urban model, as for an equipment there are not missing powered windows and side mirrors, heated front seats and manual air conditioner. You will also find a new type of passenger seats in this model, where the driver's seat has an adjustable lumbar support. The basis remained the same, self-supporting semi-frame body, a permanent four-wheel drive, Differential deadline and an auxiliary reduction gear.  A soundproofing of the interior is the last pleasing change.

Most, we are looking forward to a modified petrol 1.7-litre power unit with an output of 68 kW and a torque of 150 NM. Along with the engine, a more powerful 110 A alternator has been installed in a car. Lada 4x4 Pickup Lynx DoubleCAB excels in a large cargo space and a big off-road potentiality already in standard, that is why we have been preparing it for our permanent offer of  Lada Niva vehicles, the vehicles with an authorization for operation in EU and EEA countries.