New Interior of Vehicle Bukhanka
6.5. 2016 | UAZ

As these cars has been produced in almost unchanged form for over 50 years, we welcomed an innovation that brought us the model series for the year 2016. The new Bukhankas have already had the sliding seats for a driver and for a front passenger, in extras complemented by heated seats. A black fabric upholstery, which replaced old type of artificial leather, will ensure a reduction of noise in the cabin of 10 dB. The principal innovation is an integrated speedometer, supplemented by a small on-board computer. The state of fuel in the tanks and the coolant temperature are digitally displayed. An adjustment of an automobile transmission has been also made, therefore, to shift gears is much more comfortable now. This year UAZ has also promised, that all Bukhankas will be equipped with completely new car door handles. Our company AMC installs a special box with tools in some selected models, which is suitable for a basic technical assistance.