Vehicle category
Operating weight
6420 kg
12580 kg
Number of seats / doors
2 / 2
3930 mm
Front gauge
2 100 mm
Rear gauge
1 820 mm
Fuel tank capacity
300 L

The brand new KAMAZ 53257 4x2 model is one of first from the new era of off-road KAMAZ vehicles with a whole new cabin and high level of built-in ergonomic equipment. The reworked attractive design has new types of brighter headlights and LED daytime running lights installed. On the outside, the all-new KAMAZ hood and improved rounded windscreen provide better visibility from the cab. The vehicle also boasts a new type of rear view mirrors which are operated electronically.

Starting from68 998 €
Prices are without VAT and include specifications for the Czech and Slovak markets.
Vozidlo ze skladových zásob ihned k dodání za 1 499 000 Kč bez DPH.


Engine capacity
6 700 mm3
211 kW / 2 300 rpm
1 082 Nm / 1 400 rpm
Cummins ISB6.7E6D290
Cummins ISB6.7E6D290

This engine from the world-famous manufacturer Cummins is built on the experience of producing B-series engines, which have produced more than 10 million units. The engine is renowned for its excellent power-to-consumption ratio and also meets the latest and most stringent emission standards. In the standard version, the unit is equipped with a particulate filter, selective catalytic reduction technology and a turbocharger with variable blade geometry.

The KAMAZ 53257 has a liquid-cooled Cummins ISB6.7E6310 turbocharged inline-six diesel engine with a displacement of 6.7 litres, 211 kW of power at 2,300 rpm and a peak torque of 1,082 Nm available from 1,200 to 1,250 RPM. The on-board electrical system operates at 24 volts and fuel metering is controlled by common rail injection with DPF.  It has a dry single-disc friction clutch and 9-speed manual transmission.


9-speed gearbox ZF 9S1310 TO
Fuel separator
WABCO brake system dryer
Boarding steps and handles
ASR (Anti-slip system)
Cruise control
Front fog lights
Manual battery disconnector
Ergonomic interior
Storage boxes in cab
Air suspended driver's seat
Height adjustable steering wheel
2 vehicle keys
Adjustable steering wheel (height, position)
Mandatory equipment (pharmacy, warning triangle, vest)
Set of light bulbs and fuses
Front halogen lights
LED day running lights
Socket 12/24V inside cab
Dashboard computer (RU, AJ, CZ, PL)
Speed limit signaling
Speed limiter at 90 km/h
Power steering
Audible signal for reverse
Power windows
Electronically controlled and heated rear-view mirrors
Four-spoke steering wheel with steering wheel control functions
Independent engine pre-heating
Spare wheel
Road tires 315/80 R22,5
Rear axle DAIMLER
Air suspended rear axle
Securing chocks (2 pcs)
Aluminium fuel tank
AdBlue tank with volume 35 liters
  • included
  • not available
  • for surcharge
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The vehicle is rear wheel drive, and both axles are rigid. The front is suspended by a pair of air bellows with telescopic shock absorbers and the rear, suspended by quadruple air bellows, has a closable differential. You will also find a transverse torsional stabilizer, worm-type steering with liquid booster and 315/80 R22 front tyres and R22.5 rear tyres (dual-mount). The dual circuit air brake system offers disc brakes with internal cooling on all wheels, an electronically operated hand-brake with spring cylinders at the rear and ABS, ASR, EBS and AEBS systems (emergency braking).


Improve your KAMAZ vehicle according to your taste. We offer many accessories on request which extend the car’s functions  and increase comfort and safety. We also offer the additional conversion of the ordered truck into a KAMAZ-tractor in the T1B category with the use of a ROPS protective frame behind the driver's cab. For vehicles in the T1B category it is necessary to have a towing device. All you have to do is choose from our range and adapt the vehicle to suit your needs. The KAMAZ 53257 is an ideal partner even in the most demanding conditions and has low service costs and a high level of reliability.

Hydraulic pump for PTO Nh/1b (Nh/1c)
PTO outlet Nh/1b (Nh/1c) main gearbox, without pump
Car radio, speakers and antenna
Lockable tank caps
Independent heating in interior
Fire extinguisher
Additional light ramp
Installation of 4 12V sockets in the cabin
Voltage converter 12V/230V
Reinforced protective seat upholstery 2 pcs
Complete anti-corrosion spray of vehicle cavities and chassis
Manual air conditioner
Original rubber carpets to cab
Towing device additionally mounted by manufacturer
Beacons (2 pcs) orange 40 SMD
Electric winch (without DO)
Cabin painting
Fenders for chassis
Side underrun protection 2 pcs
Rear protection for underrun
Central locking with remote control
Front platform for mounting of snow ploughshare
Front hydraulic outlet
Re-build to category T1B (tractor)
  • not available
  • for surcharge

Technical Description

Vehicle category
General construction characteristics
Number of axles
Number of wheels
Driving axles (number / position / connection)
Main dimensions
3930 mm
6630 mm
2550 mm
3100 mm
Mass of the vehicle in running order
6420 kg
Technically permissible maximum masses
echnically permissible maximum laden mass
19000 kg
Technically permissible mass on axle 1
7500 kg
Technically permissible mass on axle 2
11500 kg
Power plant
Manufacturer of the engine
Engine code as marked on the engine
Number and arrangment of cylinders
Six-cylinder, in-line 
Engine capacity
6700 cm3
monofuel / bifuel / Flex fuel(flex fuel)
Max. net power [kW] at [rpm]
211 / 2300
Maximum speed
Maximum speed
90 kph
Axles and suspension
Axle track 1
2100 mm
Axle track 2
1820 mm
Tyre/wheel combination (original design)
315/80 R22,5
Number and configuration of doors
Number of seating positions (including driver)
Enviromental performances
Sound level
- stationary [dB(A)] at [rpm]
- drive-by [dB(A)]
Exhaust Emission level

The vehicle wheelbase in the chassis model for the superstructure can be 3930-5930 mm, length 6640-9080 mm.


Payment terms and conditions 

An advance payment of at least 30% is required when ordering a new vehicle from Russia. It can be agreed individually.

Vehicle delivery period

When ordering a new vehicle from Russia the delivery time is 6-9 months if the vehicle is not in stock at the manufacturer.

KAMAZ AMC vehicle warranty conditions 

The standard warranty period provided by the importer according to the vehicle price offer is 18 months or up to 75 000 km driven or 1.625 operating hours, whichever occurs first. Warranty conditions can be agreed individually with the business entities: the vehicle warranty period can be reduced upon agreement with the customer in the form of a discount, or extended upon a surcharge. The warranty period cannot be reduced in case the customer is a natural person. Terms and conditions are governed by bilaterally signed vehicle warranty conditions which constitute an integral part of the purchase agreement and handed over documentation.

KAMAZ AMC vehicle warranty repairs 

In case a failure occurs within the warranty period, it can be claimed:   

   1. at warranty service of AMC spare parts s.r.o., business address: Radíkovice 19, Hradec Králové 503 27, Czech Republic or at another chosen warranty service centre within the AMC service network (Warranty service centre is authorized to perform warranty repairs without a consent of the seller)

   2. at the seller, who, if necessary, issues a single license - written agreement with the specific defect repair at the selected service centre within the AMC network (Authorized Service is not authorized to perform warranty repairs without the consent of the seller)




Regular service of KAMAZ AMC vehicles

1. AMC Full-Service: 

Regular vehicle service (as prescribed by the periodic maintenance in the service booklet) is provided by a service centre of the importer, authorized by AMC spare parts s.r.o., business address: Radíkovice 19, Hradec Králové 503 27, Czech Republic and through AMC full-service. The vehicle can be for a pre-agreed fixed fee regularly taken to be serviced by the importer and after performing the service it is immediately returned to the customer. There is full liability insurance for the vehicle taken. We recommend it for vehicles used in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries.

2. Service through the network of authorized AMC service centres:

Regular vehicle service (as prescribed by the periodic maintenance in the service booklet) is provided by a contractual authorized service centre of the importer. It is guaranteed that the service centre is located within 40 km from a place of the vehicle operation. The authorized service centre is obliged and entitled to carry out the vehicle full service and repair works paid by the customer. The authorized service centre is not automatically entitled to exercise the rights of the buyer resulting from the warranty, but after a specific written consent of the seller it can be entitled to settle them. 

3. Find your service

Do you know a service centre in your neighbourhood that you would like to use for the maintenance of your new UAZ vehicle? Do you know that they charge reasonable prices, have an experienced staff, good references and satisfied customers? Just ask. In case of interest, we are ready to sign a vehicle service authorization contract with your chosen service centre and to include it into the AMC authorized service network. 

Separate supplies of spare parts

Spare parts and additional equipment for KAMAZ AMC vehicles are anytime ready for you at reduced prices in the central warehouse of AMC spare parts, s.r.o., business address: Radíkovice 19, Hradec Králové 503 27, Czech Republic. The spare parts are distributed via postal or courier service directly to your address every working day. Your order has to be received before 4:00 PM in order to be dispatched on the same day.